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“The International Tibet Network is a global coalition of Tibet-related non-governmental organizations. Its purpose is to maximize the effectiveness of the worldwide Tibet movement, which is dedicated to ending human rights violations in Tibet and to working actively to restore the Tibetan people's right under international law to determine their future political, economic, social, religious and cultural status.”


The C100 has been a member of the Tibet Network since 2003. At the 4th International Tibet Support Group (TSG) Conference in Prague there was overwhelming agreement that Tibetans and their supporters everywhere should make it the highest priority to use the 2008 Beijing Olympics to advance the cause of human rights and freedom in Tibet. The C100 endorsed the Tibet Network's Beijing 2008 Olympics and the Panchen Lama Campaigns. Giovanni Vassallo and Geoff Lewis have been active contributors to the Tibet Network’s Human Rights and Olympics Campaign Working Groups.

The C100 co-organized the Tibet Network Americas-Australasia regional meeting in Oakland, California in November 2006. Representatives from the C100 Board attended the 5th International TSG Conference and the Tibet Network’s World Conference in Brussels in May 2007.

C100 former-President, Giovanni Vassallo, and Board member Barbara Green attended the three-day Tibet Network Regional Conference in Mexico City, Mexico in February 2008. The conference helped fine-tune our North America Olympics campaign and gave us an opportunity to contribute to the Tibet movement’s strategic planning and post-Olympics campaign vision.

The C100 plans to continue to actively contribute to the work of the Tibet Network. We are exploring how best to align our activities for 2009 and beyond to support the Tibet Network’s newly established strategic objectives for the Tibet movement, including a focus on Tibetan self-determination (“Putting Tibetans first”), Chinese outreach, and rallying around the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising, and other actions seeking support from world leaders to advance Tibetan rights.

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