“Self-determination is an inalienable human right. It cannot be denied the Tibetan people.” The Most Reverend Desmond M. Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus

“At a time when UN declares finished colonial times and colonialism outdated, how can we tolerate Tibet still being China’s hostage? Today, at the dawn of a new millennium, Tibet is the last colony of an out of fashion empire. Like others, Tibetan people are entitled to self-determination. It’s largely time to help them to get this right realized through negotiations before it is too late.” Claude B. Levenson, Author

“It is time for the nations of the world to stop exploiting the weak and work for peace and harmony.” Arun Gandhi, President M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

“The Tibetan culture offers a profound heritage this world cannot afford to lose. Tibet is a beacon of light and inspiration for all of us - a light that must be preserved and protected for generations to come.” Tom Oliver, Singer/Songwriter, Author, President World Peace Festival

“Since Tibetan culture and its holistic traditions have long been revered around the world, the Chinese government and the Chinese people can only bring honor on themselves by respecting this precious heritage of a neighboring people.” Peter Matthiessen, Author

“Tibet is one of the world’s last good seeds of civilization. And now, during their time of intense struggle for cultural survival, the people of Tibet deserve our full support, both as a matter of human rights and because of the precious and fragile idea and reality which are Tibet. As goes Tibet, so goes the world.” Peter Gold, Author and Educator

“To the lawmakers of China, please reflect your country’s ancient traditions of fairness and allow self-determination for the Tibetan people.” Catherine Ingram, President/Living Dharma

"An immediate decision should pave the way for negotiations, peace, self-determination; free all political prisoners in Tibet. Let’s call for that. It’s possible, NOW!” J.P. Ribes, President du Comite’ de Soutien au Peuple Tibetain

“The world cannot afford to lose the richness and vitality of the Tibetan culture. Such destructiveness violates the most basic human rights of Tibetans, and threatens to rip away another patch from our quilt of human diversity. It also diminishes the humanity of each of us to remain silent in the face of such potential loss. The Tibetans, like all peoples, deserve the free exercise of their right to self-determination, and those who favor justice must speak and act on their behalf.” David Krieger, President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

“In a world torn by terrorism, inflicted with violence; the Tibetans have stubbornly stuck to a policy of non-violence for over 40 years, in their struggle for justice. Who knows how long this tolerant policy will last; Tibetan history has enough evidence that they are capable of settling scores by violence too. For now, there is a window of opportunity for UN member nations and individuals worldwide to resolve the Tibet issue peacefully, according to the Principles enshrined in the UN Charters.” Jigme Yugay, C100 Founding Member

"The Tibet question is one problem in the world that can be solved without any deleterious effect on anyone. If this Gordian Knot is untied, it will redound to the benefit and credit of Tibetans and Chinese alike. One can only hope that common sense will guide Beijing in a positive direction." Orville Schell, Dean of Journalism, UC Berkeley

"If a culture fails to respect another people’s right to self-determination, then itself has no right to self-determination. Yet, this is what is happening in China. If Han Chinese is in the process of seeking democracy, freedom and prosperity, then it should respect another culture’s right to do the same. Tibetans have the right to seek their own political future, social structure, religious beliefs and culture." Harry Wu, Laogai Research Foundation

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