The Why Tibet? project (WhyTibet) has two main goals: first, to contribute to the global effort to keep the world's attention focused on Tibet and, secondly, to help rebalance the public perception of the Tibet issue as "just" one of an oppressed people experiencing daily suffering and tragic events, to the equally important perspective of what the world would lose if the Tibetan Buddhist culture and national identity does not survive. To remind the world what makes Tibet unique and precious. In essence, to present the "value proposition" for Tibet and make clear what is at stake if the Tibetan language, traditions, religion and society are not allowed to flourish freely in Tibet.


Our approach with WhyTibet is to connect with people around the world on a personal level using media that is easily accessible and relatively effortless. The Internet, in particular social and new media, gives us new tools to do this. People are increasingly relying on the Internet to find out what's happening in the world, for their social connection and sense of community, and to form their opinions. Specifically, while people are reading less, they are watching videos online more and more. Videos are becoming a major form of communication and vehicle for influence. 


The concept of WhyTibet is simple: have real people explain on short YouTube videos why Tibet matters to them and why they think Tibet matters to the world. These "videograms" — each less than 60 seconds — can be submitted by anyone and can grow to form a collective voice and "human face" for the Tibet issue.

The WhyTibet YouTube channel and its companion website and Facebook and Twitter pages, have the potential to reach large numbers of people on an ongoing basis and keep Tibet alive in the world's collective online consciousness.

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Why Tibet? Project